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Add “attending one of Cathy’s retreats” to your bucket list. It’s a wonderful, soul-enriching experience. One participant who returned from Cathy’s retreat to Maine – Discovering Myself – in New England –summed up her experience, “This retreat had all the right ingredients – fellowship, friendship, travel, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and a chance to grow in knowledge and grace. I’m already planning for next year.” Yes, all of those are ingredients in one of Cathy’s retreats.

For years, Cathy has planned week-end retreats for groups in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Now, she has expanded into week-long retreats into beautiful settings including Maine, Nova Scotia, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and Costa Rica. These retreats offer participants a chance for soulful connections with themselves, nature, and other seekers.

Cathy has a gift for helping participants feel at home with her, with one another, and with the group. Connections are made and memories are created.

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