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Welcome to A Sheltering Tree


Come and join us at A Sheltering Tree, Center for Counseling and Creativity. As you first walk up the steps of the 120 year old house, home to A Sheltering Tree, you will feel an inviting sense of healing, hope, and creativity. If you are at a place in your life where you are struggling with daily challenges or you simply want to have a more fulfilling and joy-filled life, then welcome. A Sheltering Tree offers connection, respite, guidance, and support for you as you make your way on your life’s journey.

A Sheltering Tree provides this assistance in many different ways. Individual, couple, and group counseling offer direction in making the changes needed for a more fulfilling and joy filled life. Classes and workshops offer opportunities to learn more about all aspects of life — relationships, personal growth, body work, creativity, etc. Hours are also set aside for those seeking spiritual guidance and direction. Week-end and week-long retreats to beautiful, serene settings offer once in a lifetime experiences and chances to learn more about yourself and others.


Meet Cathy Woodyard


Energetic, creative, caring — all are words to describe Cathy. Nothing brings her more joy or life than creating — whether that is a workshop, a page in her journal, a painting, or a new recipe. Cathy loves nature and travel and is always finding ways to combine the two on trips she plans for her and her husband. She has a strong, lifelong connection to trees (her mother was an Oaks, she is a Wood Yard, and the beauty of changing leaves sends her soul soaring), so creating a healing place on Chestnut St. seems only natural. Learn more...

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